“I am a wellness chiropractor, and I have referred many of my patients to Monique for a host of reasons over the past several years. Monique is an excellent healer, a great listener, and she gets results. She is quick to identify subtle, yet important, aspects of health in order to address the whole body, not just an isolated complaint. Personally, when I leave Monique’s office, I ALWAYS feel better. My healing extends beyond the physical relief of symptoms to my onward progression of emotional wellness.”

– Dr. Sarah Weber

“I have felt a greater well-being since beginning acupuncture treatments at Meridian 87. Monique is wonderful and so knowledgeable — the tension in my head and neck has continuously improved through my treatments. Monique more than many other practitioners I have been treated by, clearly cares that I feel better. ”

– E.D.

“Monique has helped me where Western medicine could not; her treatments have noticeably improved my health over the past year.

Every time I leave her office I feel rejuvenated and better than when I walked in.
Monique is professional and has a wonderful personality.”

– B.H.

“In January 2010, while I was living in Chicago, I severely strained my left sternocleidomastoid (SCM) muscle that runs from the jaw/ear down through the neck and into the shoulder. Because of the way I modified my movements due to the injury I developed tendinitis in my left shoulder. After two months of physical therapy I was still in pain and had not regained satisfactory range of motion in my neck and was worried about the use of prescription pain medication. I am not the kind of person who would initially seek an alternative medical solution to such a straightforward injury. A friend suggested I try Gua Sha (scraping–it is just what it sounds like) and, out of frustration, I did. After several treatments I was PAIN-FREE for the first time in two months. I decided to incorporate acupuncture (I figured why not since the Gua Sha worked) to help manage my stress since I still hadn’t been cleared by my doctor to resume my workout schedule. Monique worked wonders for me. Her approach is balanced and thoughtful. She will not assail you with horror stories about western medicine or pressure you in any way. Truly, a satisfying and worthwhile experience.”

– J.J.

“Monique has always treated my arthritis and chronic pain with a thoroughness that befits a truly professional Acupuncturist. On occasion, I’ve suffered depression and anxiety, and her diagnoses and treatments have consistently given me effective relief. Monique treats my health needs with an openness and commitment to healing body, mind and spirit. Without reservation, I recommend Monique Wheeler, LAC, for her competent and compassionate care of personal health needs.”

– C.M.S.

“I have been seeing Monique Wheeler since 2008 for treatment of a chronic cough and sciatica. My sciatica was completely gone after a few sessions and my cough has also benefited from treatment. I can attest to Monique’s skill and thoroughness, including her taking of a complete medical history. I look forward to my bi-monthly sessions.”

– M.S.

“I worked with Monique to regulate my cycles before beginning to try to get pregnant. I always felt like I had a partner in my wellness when working with Monique, and that she listened to all of my concerns and any health symptoms I was having. It was important to me to understand what was going on with my body, and Monique explained things in a way that I could understand. After working together for a while I saw a shift in my cycle. I also received treatments before insemination. The calming effect of the treatments and Monique’s presence was really beneficial to me during the whole process. Later, when I was very pregnant, I began working with Monique to prepare for labor. At all points in my treatment I felt heard and cared for, and I always left treatment with an idea of what next steps could help me through my wellness process.”

– J.H.

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